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Thanks for the Invitation
She was still coughing when she walked back into the grocery store. She took careful steps out of the darkness and into the fluorescent lights. Her expression was worried, but her body language said otherwise.
There was a scratch under her eye and blood on her lip, but she didn't seem to notice. Everyone else did though. The few employees left in the store noticed that she should have been long gone by now. When they saw the blood they could only scratch their heads and gasp.
She stopped at the water fountain, but she didn't take a drink, or wipe the blood from her lip, or even lean against it to catch her breath. No one approached her, maybe from fear, or just maybe they were confused. Then the red-head turned the corner and almost collided with her. He held her shoulders at arms length and was the first to say anything to her.
"What happened?"
She looked up at him -- he bent down to look her in the eye but he was still rather tall -- and struggled to answer him. She wasn't sure what
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Shadow Sickness - III
"I need you to relax. It'll be much easier this way."
Beth could hardly move. Even if she had not been strapped down, she was too drained to do much more than keep her eyes open. That did not stop her from tensing up whenever he came near her.
"Just a few more days," he said as he wiped the skin of her arm clean. "Then you'll go back home, and this will be nothing more than a nightmare."
Beth's lazy gaze narrowed.
"I've performed this procedure countless times. It's perfectly safe." He paused. "It is ashame what happened to your hair... unexpected." He stuck a needle in Beth's arm, but she no longer flinched at the pinch. "You'll be a special one."

Beth could feel the light. She could feel it seeping into her skin. It was uncomfortable, and it seemed to build into a headache. If she opened her eyes she knew the light would blind her, but it didn't occur to her that she had the choice to keep them shut.
"Beth?" she heard.
Instinctively, her eyes snapped open. Bright light fl
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Shadow Sickness - II
Frank Theskla may have been the most distraught person in the emergency room. His legs jumped while he attempted to sit calmly in a chair. He received the call only ten minutes before, and made the twenty minute drive to the hospital in record time. Supposedly, his niece was somewhere in that hospital. She had arrived five days after she had gone missing.
The past few days were the worst of his life. They were even worse than when his sister hat gotten in that accident with her husband, and left Beth in his care. Another day and he might have lost his mind; he was almost happy that she was in the hospital.
A man dressed in a spotless white coat stepped through a small door next to the desk. "Mr. Theskla?" Frank jumped to his feet and almost knocked over his chair in the process. "Come with me."
Frank followed the doctor through a pair of loud automatic doors. They passed through a large open area full of empty beds and curtains. Then Frank was led to a separate room.
"Your niece ha
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Shadow Sickness - I
Darkness smothered Beth. She lay semi-conscious, her back against a cold, flat surface. Wherever she was, it was so dark it pressed against her. Beth's eyes rolled back and forth, but she saw nothing. She drifted back into unconsciousness before anything happened.
When Beth opened her eyes again, she was still dazed. It was brighter where she was, but it was still dim enough to hide the details. With the little sense she had left, she tried to move. She couldn't. Beth tried to movie her arms from her side, but they didn't budge. Her legs were dead weight. It took a great deal of strength to try even to move, but something held her limbs in place. She was strapped down -- that much she knew. She was strapped to a table, or a bed, or an exceptionally flat dentist chair.
Beth's senses slowly returned. She could feel somebody standing beside her. "Help me," Beth cried. It was the only thing she could think to do. If she couldn't move, she could beg. Maybe this person was there to help h
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She is staring at me with fear in her eyes. She is eying me up and down. The look in her eyes changes from fear to scrutiny. I match her gaze with an equally vicious one.
How can she act this way? She stares at me through the window like it is a shame to be in the same place together. She stares at me like everything is wrong with me. She has no reason though. She is no better. I look at her and I see her flaws.
Her skin has no glow, no smooth complexion, only bumps and blotches spattering her face. Her nose is large and flares at the nostrils. Her lips are dry and chapped. Her eyes -- well now those are a nice feature. They are a rather dull shade of blue, but there is something right about them. They sit under a pair of bushy eyebrows that are only a few hairs away from being a single, face-caterpillar.
I pull myself away from her face and quickly look over the messy, greasy hair that lies limp over her very broad shoulders. Her chest is tiny and takes nothing away from her pooch of
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Writer Renegade - 2.4
Writer Renegade
Killjoys! Hold onto hope that you will succeed. There will be casualties, but it should be color that stands up in the end.
The city runs deep and the problems exist far. Draw your lines in color. You know where that comes from.

The heat was bearable. I was armed, not with a ray gun, but with a pen and paper. The city was days away by foot, but that's where I was headed.
I had written down enough suppressed memories to write a novel. I had remembered enough to last me a year. I had Dr. Death Defying and his Killjoys to thank for that.
I pulled my bandana up around my face and lowered my sunglasses. I was only just getting started.
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Writer Renegade - 2.3
The sun had barely come up when I was dragged out of the diner and towards a Trans Am.
"Explain!" I nearly shouted as I was shoved into the backseat.
"Too many Drac's out on the edge of the zone. Can't take the risk."
"You know how to shoot, right?" Kobra Kid asked. He handed me my orange ray gun.
"Never though I'd see this again."
"Right now, we need your help."
Party Poison took the wheel and speed off, taking sharp turns and kicking dust into the air.
"Don't shoot unless we say to," Fun Ghoul instructed. "But we probably will."
Party Poison hit the brakes hard. We then walked a little way to a clearing where at least ten Draculoids were gathered. They were all armed, and they spotted us immediately.
"Forget what I said," Fun Ghoul whispered. "Just shoot."
We started aiming at the Draculoids, and we all split up. I watched as the others took risky shots that took out Draculoid after Draculoid. I knew that I'd have to fire my own gun, and not just at an empty can of dog food.
I stayed
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Writer Renegade - 2.2
The first thing I noticed was the stale stench in my nose. Dirty laundry and disinfectant only begins to describe the smell. Then I noticed the weight of the air on me and how it was cooler than it should have been.
I was baking in the sun. I had to be. I collapsed by the side of a deserted road. I was dead. I was not getting up to stumble around, sick, hot, and tired.
But none of that was true. It was warm, yes. The air was thick with heat, but it wasn't beating down on me, only sitting on top of me.
My interest was piqued. I opened my eyes. I wasn't lying beside the road. I was lying on the floor of a dirty bathroom.
I did not react right away. I was too much in shock to be scared or confused. There were no stalls, only a toilet, one sink, and a broken mirror. I was jolted back to something I wrote–something about a broken mirror. I started to remember. I could feel myself slipping into the memory–the headache, the numbness–when I caught a glimpse of the open door. A l
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Writer Renegade - 2.1
I kept running over that final sunset in my head. The sun dipped below the horizon–a bloody red–and cast a warm glow onto the outside of the shack. I was seating on the ground, leaned against the side of the building, watching the dust fly up in the wind.
Clutch leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms. After a long silence I asked what his plans were.
"Same as before."
It had become clear that with my impending departure, Clutch was slipping back into the personality of the nameless character that found me days earlier. He was vague, like he didn't trust me.
"Surveillance and survival?" I guessed.
Clutch said nothing, but I noticed the smallest movement, as though he toyed with the idea of putting his ray gun to my head.
I laughed.
"You could die out there," he said. "You about did."
"And you just barely helped me. I'm sure you only kept me around for entertainment. Break the monotony."
I raised my eyebrows in his direction.
"Truth is a luxury."
"Trust is a luxury," I
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Writer Renegade - 1.3
We did not leave right away. In fact we stayed in the shack for days. We ignored my writing fit and the text that came out of it. The group was mostly silent–just preparing.
Then one day, Clutch took my by the arm and pulled me outside.
"You've never fired a gun before." By now I realized Clutch had a habit of saying his questions rather than asking them.
"Do I need to?"
"We're not going to protect you," he said. I rolled my eyes, but before I could say anything, Clutch added, "We protect ourselves out there. You need to do just that."
I followed Clutch a good twenty or thirty yards, and then he handed me a brown-leather holster. "Secure it around your thigh."
"Why don't you wear one?"
Clutch merely shrugged. "Don't like it."
After that he held out a ray gun by its barrel. It was orange with a black lightning bolt on the side. I took the handle and he immediately stepped away.
"Oh that's right. Trust is a luxury." I smirked at his snarl.
Soon we began firing the gun. It was a foun
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Writer Renegade - 1.2
I held a pen in my hand. In front of me were several pieces of paper with scribble on them. The radio was still transmitting static, but it seemed that I was the center of attention.
"I'm sorry," I said, convinced I must have passed out and that was how I ended up on the sofa. I put the pen down and stood to leave.
"You're not leaving," Clutch said.
"I'm sorry, I just don't want to be a liability for you guys or anything." I tried to step away, but White Noise grabbed me by the shoulders.
"You mind telling us what just happened?" he asked.
"What? I passed out? I told you I don't know how I got out here. It's hot, I'm sick–"
"Shut up," Clutch said. "He's talking about that fit you had."
"Fit? Yeah, blacking out–"
"No! That!" I followed the direction of Clutch's finger as he pointed to the paper on the table. "You started screaming at us that you needed to write something down. Then you did."
White Noise let me go and I stepped towards the paper. The handwriting was barely legi
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Writer Renegade - 1.1
When I first stumbled out into the open, I was still trying to decide if it was day or night. It should have been obvious with the sun beating down on me. Maybe it was because it was such a shock. It was so dark I could barely see my hands in front of me, and then outside it was bright. I didn't think that kind of bright could exist.
It temporarily blinded me, and I took careful steps until I could see again. I fell to the ground first–and I didn't want to get up.
It was too comfortable on the ground, in the dirt and sand. The heat was unbearable, but it baked me like a rotisserie chicken, only without the rotisserie part. It was relaxing, tearing away the confusion. I was probably dying, but I didn't give it a second thought.
Then I felt something blunt make contact with my left side.
"–the Hell?" I heard.
I slowly opened one eye, and then the other. Everything was still uncomfortably bright, but I was able to see again. I could see a dark figure cut out a part of the sky as
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Killjoy Meme by undefinedromance89 Killjoy Meme :iconundefinedromance89:undefinedromance89 1 2 Writer-Renegade by undefinedromance89 Writer-Renegade :iconundefinedromance89:undefinedromance89 1 6
A Brief History
A Brief History of the Dangerverse
(According to Writer Renegade)
*Note: Truth and accuracy may vary.

No one has accurately dated "The End of the World as we Knew It." Some say it was as early as 2010. Some were so set on 2012 being the end that they will swear that was the year. All we know for certain was that in 2014, the mayhem had reached a climax.
Two names in history - Sam and Dean Winchester. They caused the apocalypse, but they also put an end to it. Unfortunately, this did not happen until after years of war, destruction, and an epidemic of the Croatoan virus.
After the apocalypse ended, the world was in a terrible state. An attempt at a revival brought back 1980's style in 2015. Unfortunately it was tacky, and soda cost fifty dollars.
Out of the woodwork came a new force. They planned to rebuild the world, and rebuild society. Only the plan was controversial. Some saw it as the answer, and others saw it as flawed. The group split, and in 2017, those in f
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Writer Renegade by undefinedromance89 Writer Renegade :iconundefinedromance89:undefinedromance89 3 9

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Soldier Boy.
Don't give up, just stand and fight,
If they win, they gain the light.
"Throw those past sins away;
The saints are dead," he tried to say.
"The saints are dead, our Soldier Boy,
The sinners shot them and made their toy.
Bang, bang, bang, they killed them good,
We watched them die while you just stood."
An alien guilt appears as ice cold water,
Thrown on him by the remnants of martyrs.
They scream and weep and fall down from the clouds,
"You shall pay," shriek the ghosts, "Die like the Lamb before the crowds!"
Soldier Boy cowers and cries
As his once good friends look on while he dies.
Pinned to the cross he had once worn 'round his neck,
He bleeds ribbons while his hands tear and his body begins to wreck.
"The saints are dead, our Soldier Boy,
The sinners shot them and made their toy.
Bang, bang, bang, they killed them good,
We watched them die while you just stood."
And the citizens shout, "You must atone for your sins,
Our Soldier Boy, bleed out the lies and say 'sorry' for your supp
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Undefined Romance
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My sister said today that she knows where my deviantart account is. So this is for her, because that possibly means she might check it today. Despite how inactive I am on here.

Like I told her before, I'm on tumblr now, but I've removed any and all links to my tumblr. Like I'm going to let her find it. Ha! Hilarious.
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